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Dive into our collection of books spanning various genres, from gripping thrillers to heartwarming romance, and mind-bending science fiction. Our curated selection ensures that there's something for every reader to discover and enjoy.

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The Portal Between Us cover.jpg

The Portal Between Us

M. R. King

Chief Joe Roberts is a man on the brink. After a devastating breakup with his wife, he has retreated to his hometown and fallen into a spiral of alcoholism. But when two violent monsters cross over into our world, Joe finds himself in the fight of his life. With false accusations of police misconduct and the FBI's little-known Science Management And Research Team (SMART) investigating, Joe is in over his head.

Five years ago, a similar portal opened in the Dominican Republic. Agent Hawes from SMART was sent undercover to investigate. Hawes has to protect innocent civilians while battling for survival against these fearsome creatures during a tropical storm.

Will they be able to defeat the monsters and close the portals for good? Find out in "The Portal Between."


Matthew A. Basile

Although her vision was smeared by her tears, Armonia heard Daleth get up to move back to the console so he could override the automatic safety feature and keep the ship hurtling toward the center of Iris. Armonia wiped her eyes so she could give one last pristine look at Lorelei who had never appeared so serene.
With a tremble in her steps, she walked up next to Daleth. She went to hand him back his crystals but he did not move to take them. It was then Armonia noticed the pools of water in his eyes. She had never seen those eyes so expressive, even when they dreamed together. Ever since she had met Daleth and Lorelei she could never quite figure out what kind of relationship those two had. She now no longer wondered.

In a distant solar system where the inhabitants dream during sexual ecstasy instead of sleep, the light resides over all. One bitter mercenary, who the system turned their back on, is sent on the trail of a fractured individual. When the two meet up, their unique and mysterious bond will change everything.

Goode Oliver Dooley Book 2.PNG

Goode Oliver Dooley and the Quest to Save Hobcomney: Book II

Gerrad R. Bohl

Just when Goode Oliver Dooley thought he was free from the tyranny of Mrs. Lumpen, she returns with
Auntie Gertrude to claim what they feel they are entitled to. From one misfortune to the next, Goode
Oliver and his friends at Hobcomney Palace discover they are under attack.

Fed up with being thwarted, Odullum conjures a scheme to invade the palace, undetected, to bring the
kingdom crumbling down. Goode Oliver Dooley battles the Four Flora of Thonia while learning about his
past, and who his parents were. With the help of his friends, he forms a plan and disguises himself to
confront Odullum as he attacks the very heart of the palace.

Allies from afar travel to Hobcomney to help, but it may be too late. They are forced to evacuate. Some
stay behind to defend their beloved home, and to try to stop Odullum once and for all.

Unexpected Connection (Sequel to Imperfect Attraction)

Jay Quin

Connection - a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else. What do you do when your heart has been broken and you’ve been basically publicly humiliated by the guy you probably shouldn’t have been involved with in the first place? Do you a) move on with one of his close friends, b) wallow in self-pity, c) have his baby, or d) all of the above? If you chose d, congratulations you’re just like me. My very brief romance with world famous Zamir Kalif went up on flames. I absolutely do not want to be connected to him in any way. So you can imagine my shock when I find out that Zamir is going to be a part of my life for a very long time. Just because he and I are forced to co-exist now, doesn’t mean I’m going to give him another chance to break my heart. I’m happy, healthy, and wealthy. I don’t need him. Plus, I’ve got a flirty friendship going on with the equally, if not more, handsome Miguel. Let’s just say that everything happening in my life right now is completely unexpected.

Unexpected Connection.jpg
Imperfect Attraction.jpg

Imperfect Attraction

Jay Quin

Attraction - the action or power of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s supposed to be when it happens the right way. Maybe it’s simple and wonderful and downright exciting. I don’t know, but what I do know is that for me, attraction was messy and complicated. It turned my world upside down. It changed my life for better and for worse. Mostly for worse. From the moment we met, I was attracted to Zamir Kalif. How could I not be? He’s handsome, nice, talented, and a member of the world famous boy band Stitch. Our similar careers and interests seem to draw us together even when I’m trying to keep us apart. Eventually my feelings for him take over my ability to think rationally. I let my guard down. I give him my heart and I expect to get his in return. There’s just one problem, Zamir’s heart belongs to someone else. Now I’m left to deal with the mess that our imperfect attraction made.

Still Loving You

Jay Quin

The hardest part of loving someone is knowing when to let them go. In 2011, Wynn and Luke were just two college students who thought they'd been lucky enough to meet the one. Six years later, Wynn found herself clutching a glass of wine as if her life depended on it while listening to songs about heartbreak and lost love on repeat. What started off like a fairy tale has spiraled into a story that may not have a happy ending. Will Wynn and Luke's unyielding love be enough to save their marriage?

Still Loving You wrap cover.jpg
This Life With You.jpg

This Life With You

Jay Quin

From the creative desk of Authoress Jay Quin comes the long anticipated sequel to The Difference You Have Made.

Three months ago Cristiana Barnes was hired to take care of Cole Skylark's young son. What she didn't realize was that everything for her was about to change. The life that Cristiana and Cole have together is good. Maybe too good. Neither of them are prepared for the other shoe to drop when an unforeseen blast from the past makes a dramatic return.

My Dirty Little Secret: A McKenzie Mitchell novel

Nicole Watson

For the first time in her life McKenzie Mitchell has freedom. College life is better than she could have imagine, especially with all of the parties and the cute guys vying for her attention. As her entrance in adulthood progresses, McKenzie realizes she may have bitten off more than she chew. Suddenly college doesn't seem so perfect, but it's too late to turn back now. Will her naivety get her into trouble or will she be able to learn some street smarts in time to save her?


The Last Consort: Adaptation

Lauren Schultz

"You'll be screwed in a few weeks, maybe even dead."

Reunite with William, a nurse with a rotten past, and the woman he loves, Patricia, as they embark on a journey of living a normal life. They're sure that this is their fresh start until William witnesses the sudden death of an old associate who recently delivered an ominous message. Shortly thereafter death plagues William and Patricia's life as clues to William's past stack up around him. Now William can't help but wonder if the man's words were prophetic. He knows a challenge is coming not only for him, but for her as well.

Slices of Salt

Wanda Argersinger

Get ready to laugh until you cry! Wanda Argersinger has created a masterpiece with Slices of Salt. This is a collection of anecdotal short stories filled with Southern charm and humor. Take a break from the madness of the world to enjoy the hilarity of bad drivers, unusual parties, and strange rules of society. You're guaranteed to enjoy this book.

Slices of Salt.png

A Golden Christmas

Jay Quin & Kay Andy

Travel to the storybook town of Golden Shore, Virginia where Christmas is the most magical time of the year. Take a peek into the lives of some of this town's residents as they navigate their way through the holiday season. Love is in the air. Families are created. And the holiday spirit flows freely through everyone. This collection of short stories is guaranteed to get you in the merry mood.

Sarah’s New Beginning

Tammy Anderson

Being raised in an orphanage was the only life Sarah Whitfield had ever known. 

Being offered an opportunity in a new town is both frightening and welcoming to the young woman. Sarah hopes that maybe now she will find a way to be loved. 

Will her new beginning show her that she always has been loved by the One who matters most?


The Treacherous Exhibit

Dan Mainwaring

Pressman's high-powered attorney saved him from the gallows. The next day, he hung himself. Why?

Presented with this mystery, Henry Sacker has just days to act. He's not a detective. He never even met Pressman. He runs a coffee shop. His only ally -- a man thought dead. But, the safety of his family, his city, and Queen Victoria are at stake. 

The enigmatic decedent, bore the symbol of the Bezant Cross cult on his arm. They've forged a trail of destruction through Philadelphia and Berlin. Now they are in London, just days before The Great Exhibition. A Prussian super sleuth is also in the city. But is he working against the extremists? Or with them?

The Positivity Verses

L. J. Steed

The Positivity Verses is a collection of beautifully written poetry journeying through life, love, and heartbreak. It's no secret that life is hard, especially when you're dealing with matters of the heart. Author L. J. Steed has managed to create a heart-wrenching expression of raw feeling that's set forth in thought invoking literary pieces. It doesn't matter if you're currently moving on from a relationship, or recently met the love of your life, The Positivity Verses will give you inspiration from its captivating descriptions of all-consuming emotions.

The Positivity Verses.png
The Difference (Original Cover).jpg

The Difference You Have Made

Jay Quin

Available NOW in digital & print on Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble.

He shrugs and ducks his head so he can look into her eyes. “Now may last forever.”

Her breath stills as she hears the weighted words. “Cole, I don’t know what you mean.”

“What I mean is that there is not an expiration date for us. We’re not crawling or racing to a finish line. We’re enjoying being happy together. Just the two of us.”

Before she escaped, Cristiana was living in misery. She was stuck with a boyfriend who mistreated her and isolated from her family and friends. Desperation was her guiding force that led her to an opportunity that may just save her life.

Cole is a handsome and successful CEO. He's also a frustrated single father. Raising his son alone was never part of the plan, but he learned long ago that life hardly ever follows even the best made plans. After his young son's nanny suddenly departs, Cole is desperate to find someone who can do what he can't - take care of his child.

Neither Cole or Cristiana are prepared for the difference that they'll make in each others' lives.

Something About Us

Jay Quin

Teagan and Houston have a lot in common, the most prominent thing being that they’re married to their careers. Years of hard work in the name of achieving success hasn’t left either of them much time for dating or romance. When they happen to meet while doing what they do best, working, Houston and Teagan are shocked by the instant connection that sparks between them. Have they finally found what they've been looking for?

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