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The Treacherous Exhibit by Dan Mainwaring (ebook)

The Treacherous Exhibit by Dan Mainwaring (ebook)

Pressman's high-powered attorney saved him from the gallows. The next day, he hung himself. Why?

Presented with this mystery, Henry Sacker has just days to act. He's not a detective. He never even met Pressman. He runs a coffee shop. His only ally -- a man thought dead. But, the safety of his family, his city, and Queen Victoria are at stake.

The enigmatic decedent, bore the symbol of the Bezant Cross cult on his arm. They've forged a trail of destruction through Philadelphia and Berlin. Now they are in London, just days before The Great Exhibition. A Prussian super sleuth is also in the city. But is he working against the extremists? Or with them?

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