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Your New Favorite Authors

Thanks to our talented authors, we can publish books to satisfy every literary taste. While they come from different walks of life, our authors all have something in common - a passion for writing. Read on to learn more about them.


Kay Andy

Romance, Comedy, Drama

No one writes quite like Kay Andy. If you are into captivating books, this author is definitely for you. Once you start reading her fascinating works, you won’t be able to put your book down.

Jay Quin

Romance, Drama, Mystery

Jay Quin is a creative writer who always delivers deliciously entertaining stories for readers with every sentence and phrase. If you are into novels that capture your attention on the first page, you won’t be able to stop reading our Jay Quin collection.


L. J. Steed


No one writes quite like L. J. Steed. If you are into captivating poems that express genuine emotion, L. J. Steed is definitely for you. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to put your book down.

Tammy Anderson

Christian Romance

Tammy Anderson is a loving mother and wife who entertains and fascinates readers with every sentence and phrase she writes. If you are into wholesome Christian Romance novels, you won’t be able to stop reading the wonderful stories from this author.


Nicole Watson

New Adult

Not only is Nicole Watson an avid traveler and an amazing bargain shopper, she's also a phenomenal storyteller. Impeccable attention to detail and a unique delivery are only two of the qualities that make this author's works worth reading. Nicole currently lives in Alabama with her husband, child, and puppy and enjoys getting away whenever possible, whether in real life or a good book! Be on the lookout for her debut novel coming early 2022!

Wanda M. Argersinger


Wanda discovered words at the same time she learned to walk. In Mrs. Glover’s second grade
class, she wrote her first story using that week’s spelling words. Her writing and reading have
been her refuge and friend throughout her life. She is an adjunct professor for Life-Writing at
Pensacola State College, an Erma Bombeck award-winning humor writer, the author of eight
books, published in a variety of online papers, and a voracious reader of memoirs. She lives ad
writes from the Gulf Coast of Florida where she finds soul-soothing peace when she hears the
waves roll to shore and feels the sand beneath her feet.

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Daniel Mainwaring

Historical Fiction, Mystery

Daniel Mainwaring is a fantastic English writer based in Kansas. For 10 years he ran the entertainment website BestBritishTV. He has also written extensively for business and finance publications, as well as producing short and full length fiction. When not writing, he enjoys genealogy, hiking, reading, and soccer. Be on the lookout for new releases from this talented author.

Lauren Schultz

Romantic Suspense

Lauren Schultz is an avid reader with a knack for writing. Living in sunny California, she spends her days as a loving mother of two and wife to her best friend. Writing and creating vivid characters is her passion. She looks forward to continuing to enrich her craft.