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Your New Favorite Authors

Thanks to our talented authors, we can publish books to satisfy every literary taste. While they come from different walks of life, our authors all have something in common - a passion for writing. Read on to learn more about them.

Authors : Our Authors

Matthew A. Basile


Matthew A. Basile is a storyteller at heart. His earliest memories were dreaming up stories to share with anyone who would listen. That creativity has only grown stronger through the years. He has a degree in Radio/TV/Film Production. An avid comic book and pop culture nerd he especially is drawn to vibrant worlds and characters struggling with inner demons. He tries to blend the lessons he's gleamed from the natural world over the years into his stories. Especially what the Grandmothers of the Sea have taught him. He loves talking spirituality, nature, and anything creative. He's drawn to anything outside the box and his stories tend to reflect that aspect of himself. You can find him on Twitter @MatthewABasile

Gerrad R. Bohl


Gerrad R. Bohl’s career as an author began in 2020 after his first fantasy fiction work, GOODE OLIVER DOOLEY AND THE PALACE OF KEEPERS, was published. The sequel, GOODE OLIVER DOOLEY AND THE QUEST TO SAVE HOBCOMNEY was published by Free Minds Publications in 2022. Before he was an author, he was involved in the entertainment industry as an actor, model, and dancer, landing contracts and campaigns with Harley Davidson, Vogue Italia, and, to name a few. He is also a graduate of The Second City improv comedy school.
Gerrad is also a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, suicide prevention, and destigmatizing mental health experiences. The GOODE OLIVER DOOLEY story is the culmination of his own experiences with mental health and suicidal ideation, transformed into a fantasy world that he hopes will help others derive hope, joy, and greater awareness of mental health issues that often go untreated in youth. He has been featured on several popular mental health podcasts discussing his own story and his published works.
Gerrad lives with his sweet and sassy Great Dane, Sir Louis and loves to garden.
Photo Credit: Solaiman Fazel


Nicole Watson

New Adult

Not only is Nicole Watson an avid traveler and an amazing bargain shopper, she's also a phenomenal storyteller. Impeccable attention to detail and a unique delivery are only two of the qualities that make this author's works worth reading. Nicole currently lives in Alabama with her husband, child, and puppy and enjoys getting away whenever possible, whether in real life or a good book! Be on the lookout for her debut novel coming early 2022!

Lauren Schultz

Romantic Suspense

Lauren Schultz is an avid reader with a knack for writing. Living in sunny California, she spends her days as a loving mother of two and wife to her best friend. Writing and creating vivid characters is her passion. She looks forward to continuing to enrich her craft.

IMG_2059 (2).JPG.jpg

Wanda M. Argersinger


Wanda discovered words at the same time she learned to walk. In Mrs. Glover’s second grade
class, she wrote her first story using that week’s spelling words. Her writing and reading have
been her refuge and friend throughout her life. She is an adjunct professor for Life-Writing at
Pensacola State College, an Erma Bombeck award-winning humor writer, the author of eight
books, published in a variety of online papers, and a voracious reader of memoirs. She lives ad
writes from the Gulf Coast of Florida where she finds soul-soothing peace when she hears the
waves roll to shore and feels the sand beneath her feet.

Tammy Anderson

Christian Romance

Tammy Anderson is a loving mother and wife who entertains and fascinates readers with every sentence and phrase she writes. If you are into wholesome Christian Romance novels, you won’t be able to stop reading the wonderful stories from this author.


L. J. Steed


No one writes quite like L. J. Steed. If you are into captivating poems that express genuine emotion, L. J. Steed is definitely for you. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to put your book down.

Kay Andy

Romance, Comedy, Drama

No one writes quite like Kay Andy. If you are into captivating books, this author is definitely for you. Once you start reading her fascinating works, you won’t be able to put your book down.


Jay Quin

Romance, Drama, Mystery

Jay Quin is a creative writer who always delivers deliciously entertaining stories for readers with every sentence and phrase. If you are into novels that capture your attention on the first page, you won’t be able to stop reading our Jay Quin collection.

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