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A Fairytale Illusion by Jay Quin [ebook]

A Fairytale Illusion by Jay Quin [ebook]

Welcome to Angelica, a small island nation that defied British tyranny long before the birth of the United States. In this captivating tale of love, courage, and resilience, the foundations of Angelica's constitutional monarchy are shaken when Danica and Alex's love story leads to unexpected challenges and transformative changes.

Danica, a strong, independent, and outspoken woman, never sought to be a princess or swept off her feet. But fate has different plans when she meets Alex, a member of the infamous Royal House of Hannon. Drawn to Danica's unwavering spirit, Alex falls deeply in love and proposes marriage. Little do they know that their union will face unimaginable hurdles.

As a Black partner in a predominantly white royal family, Danica grapples with the harsh realities of discrimination and prejudice. Despite the mounting tension and scrutiny, she remains resolute in her commitment to support Alex and stay true to herself. Together, they embark on a journey to overcome the obstacles hurled at them by the media and even their own royal relatives.

In this gripping tale set against the backdrop of Angelica's rich history, join Danica and Alex as they shatter illusions and forge a new path, reminding us all that true love and authenticity can triumph over adversity. Discover the remarkable journey of two individuals who dare to challenge the norms and rewrite the narrative of their nation in the pages of "A Fairytale Illusion."

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