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Free Minds Publications is an author-friendly publisher founded in 2021 by authors. We are passionate about helping writers from all walks of life reach their creative dreams and achieve literary success without conforming to someone else’s desires.

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Free Minds Publications puts out a wide range of books on a variety of different subjects written by author who are breaking the mold.

Still Loving You

Jay Quin

The hardest part of loving someone is knowing when to let them go. In 2011, Wynn and Luke were just two college students who thought they'd been lucky enough to meet the one. Six years later, Wynn found herself clutching a glass of wine as if her life depended on it while listening to songs about heartbreak and lost love on repeat. What started off like a  fairy tale has spiraled into a story that may not have a happy ending. Will Wynn and Luke's unyielding love be enough to save their marriage?

Formerly published as For Love & War.

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This Life With You

Jay Quin

From the creative desk of Authoress Jay Quin comes the long anticipated sequel to The Difference You Have Made.

Three months ago Cristiana Barnes was hired to take care of Cole Skylark's young son. What she didn't realize was that everything for her was about to change. The life that Cristiana and Cole have together is good. Maybe too good. Neither of them are prepared for the other shoe to drop when an unforeseen blast from the past makes a dramatic return.

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My Dirty Little Secret: A McKenzie Mitchell Novel

Nicole Watson

For the first time in her life McKenzie Mitchell has freedom. College life is better than she could have imagine, especially with all of the parties and the cute guys vying for her attention. As her entrance in adulthood progresses, McKenzie realizes she may have bitten off more than she chew. Suddenly college doesn't seem so perfect, but it's too late to turn back now. Will her naivety get her into trouble or will she be able to learn some street smarts in time to save her?


The Last Consort: Adaptation

Lauren Schultz

"You'll be screwed in a few weeks, maybe even dead."

Reunite with William, a nurse with a rotten past, and the woman he loves, Patricia, as they embark on a journey of living a normal life. They're sure that this is their fresh start until William witnesses the sudden death of an old associate who recently delivered an ominous message. Shortly thereafter death plagues William and Patricia's life as clues to William's past stack up around him. Now William can't help but wonder if the man's words were prophetic. He knows a challenge is coming not only for him, but for her as well.

Open Book

“Good books, like good friends, are few and chosen; the more select, the more enjoyable”

Louisa May Alcott

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At Free Minds Publications, we work with our writers every step of the way on their literary journey. We strive to help to our authors get the most enjoyment and fulfillment possible from their work. From an idea and rough draft, to editing and publication, Free Minds Publications produces high quality, interesting and entertaining books that are available to readers worldwide. We believe every writer has a story that should be shared without restraints.

We do NOT charge fees or expect our authors to pay any costs associated with the publication of their work. FMP’s publisher-author royalties rate is fairer than most of our competitors with all royalties from published works split - 45% to the writer & 55% to the publisher.

If you are interested in becoming an author with Free Minds Publications, send the first two chapters of your manuscript in PDF format to freemindspublications@gmail.com.