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Free Minds Publications is an author-friendly publisher founded in 2021 by authors. We are passionate about helping writers from all walks of life reach their creative dreams and achieve literary success without conforming to someone else’s desires.

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Free Minds Publications puts out a wide range of books on a variety of different subjects written by author who are breaking the mold.

A Fairytale Illusion cover.png

A Fairytale Illusion

Jay Quin

Welcome to Angelica, a small island nation that defied British tyranny long before the birth of the United States. In this captivating tale of love, courage, and resilience, the foundations of Angelica's constitutional monarchy are shaken when Danica and Alex's love story leads to unexpected challenges and transformative changes.

Danica, a strong, independent, and outspoken woman, never sought to be a princess or swept off her feet. But fate has different plans when she meets Alex, a member of the infamous Royal House of Hannon. Drawn to Danica's unwavering spirit, Alex falls deeply in love and proposes marriage. Little do they know that their union will face unimaginable hurdles.

As a Black partner in a predominantly white royal family, Danica grapples with the harsh realities of discrimination and prejudice. Despite the mounting tension and scrutiny, she remains resolute in her commitment to support Alex and stay true to herself. Together, they embark on a journey to overcome the obstacles hurled at them by the media and even their own royal relatives.

In this gripping tale set against the backdrop of Angelica's rich history, join Danica and Alex as they shatter illusions and forge a new path, reminding us all that true love and authenticity can triumph over adversity. Discover the remarkable journey of two individuals who dare to challenge the norms and rewrite the narrative of their nation in the pages of "A Fairytale Illusion."

The Portal Between Us cover.jpg

The Portal Between Us

M. R. King

Chief Joe Roberts is a man on the brink. After a devastating breakup with his wife, he has retreated to his hometown and fallen into a spiral of alcoholism. But when two violent monsters cross over into our world, Joe finds himself in the fight of his life. With false accusations of police misconduct and the FBI's little-known Science Management And Research Team (SMART) investigating, Joe is in over his head.

Five years ago, a similar portal opened in the Dominican Republic. Agent Hawes from SMART was sent undercover to investigate. Hawes has to protect innocent civilians while battling for survival against these fearsome creatures during a tropical storm.

Will they be able to defeat the monsters and close the portals for good? Find out in "The Portal Between."



Matthew A. Basile

Although her vision was smeared by her tears, Armonia heard Daleth get up to move back to the console so he could override the automatic safety feature and keep the ship hurtling toward the center of Iris. Armonia wiped her eyes so she could give one last pristine look at Lorelei who had never appeared so serene.
With a tremble in her steps, she walked up next to Daleth. She went to hand him back his crystals but he did not move to take them. It was then Armonia noticed the pools of water in his eyes. She had never seen those eyes so expressive, even when they dreamed together. Ever since she had met Daleth and Lorelei she could never quite figure out what kind of relationship those two had. She now no longer wondered. 

In a distant solar system where the inhabitants dream during sexual ecstasy instead of sleep, the light resides over all. One bitter mercenary, who the system turned their back on, is sent on the trail of a fractured individual. When the two meet up, their unique and mysterious bond will change everything.

Goode Oliver Dooley Book 2.PNG

Goode Oliver Dooley and the Quest to Save Hobcomney: Book II

Gerrad R. Bohl

Just when Goode Oliver Dooley thought he was free from the tyranny of Mrs. Lumpen, she returns with
Auntie Gertrude to claim what they feel they are entitled to. From one misfortune to the next, Goode
Oliver and his friends at Hobcomney Palace discover they are under attack.

Fed up with being thwarted, Odullum conjures a scheme to invade the palace, undetected, to bring the
kingdom crumbling down. Goode Oliver Dooley battles the Four Flora of Thonia while learning about his
past, and who his parents were. With the help of his friends, he forms a plan and disguises himself to
confront Odullum as he attacks the very heart of the palace.

Allies from afar travel to Hobcomney to help, but it may be too late. They are forced to evacuate. Some
stay behind to defend their beloved home, and to try to stop Odullum once and for all.

Still Loving You wrap cover.jpg

Still Loving You

Jay Quin

The hardest part of loving someone is knowing when to let them go. In 2011, Wynn and Luke were just two college students who thought they'd been lucky enough to meet the one. Six years later, Wynn found herself clutching a glass of wine as if her life depended on it while listening to songs about heartbreak and lost love on repeat. What started off like a  fairy tale has spiraled into a story that may not have a happy ending. Will Wynn and Luke's unyielding love be enough to save their marriage?

Formerly published as For Love & War.

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“Good books, like good friends, are few and chosen; the more select, the more enjoyable”

Louisa May Alcott

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We are accepting submissions at this time! Rather you have an idea or rough draft, we will help you bring it to life.

We do NOT charge fees or expect our authors to pay any costs associated with the publication of their work. All money earned from the publication is fairly split between the publisher (us) and the author (you). 

For consideration, email your manuscript to us in PDF format with the subject: [Your Name & Book Title].


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