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Updated: Sep 11, 2021

You’re probably wondering why you should give a new and small publisher like Free Minds Publications a chance. Here’s why:

1. We do NOT charge our authors any fees. Some small publishers make their authors front the publication cost with an agreement to reimburse the author in their percent of royalties. FMP is NOT one of those publishers. We strongly believe that it is the publisher’s job to bare the costs for publication. All royalties are fairly split - 45% to the author & 55% to the publisher. Most publishing companies take 60-80% of the writer’s royalties.

2. We’re not catering to a limited market. A lot of small publishers have a niche audience, and only distribute to one or two retailers. FMP is breaking that mold. We understand that availability attracts buyers. We publish books in multiple genres with multiple retailers worldwide. We don’t want our authors to be limited in their reacH.

3. FMP is a publishing company run by published authors! A lot of publishers only have experience on the publishing side. They don’t understand what it’s like to create a story and share it with others. The founders of FMP do! Not only are our founders published authors, they are continuing to write and release works. That means that FMP will always be your ally and never an enemy.

If you would like to publish with Free Minds Publications, send the first two chapters of your manuscript in PDF format to!

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